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25/01/2007 3:30:00 PM Trinket: MistWorld
I truly enjoyed the guardian and Elven Emmisary characters in this story. Will there be a continuation of this story? It appeared to leave us hanging as to what happened to The Elvengirl after she had paid the Centaurs price. Perhaps the centaur and wolfman might enter into an agreement to betray the elvengirl and trade her back to the pack to be ravaged now that she has been made more pliable in exchange for the guardian whom they then could take advantage of as well. Any way it comes out I would certainly enjoy any more episodes of the guardian and elven emmisary being tricked and trapped and taken advantage of in future.
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Verin: I agree (0)26/01/2007 11:56:51 PM
Mistworld is my favorite too. Love that guardian.


Svarog: Back to MistWorld (0)28/01/2007 9:59:15 PM
MistWorld continues with today's update; I plan to finish WolfMen episode and move on with emissary and guardian to the new adventures


newcrew: mmm, more mistworld (0)28/01/2007 10:21:40 PM
wow, amazing continuance. hot & sexy!! the video should be outstanding too


Guest: Mistworld is No3 ?? (0)29/01/2007 1:31:05 AM
I rank Sheena-Monitaur-Humanoids-Golak series No1 and want to see more complete videos and maybe other Golaks and some Midget Humanoids. Then Visitors is No2 when it gets to the 'midget blowjob' the 'dinosaurs' and 'spider'?, and I would like to see more of what the 'midget' still wants to do to her. MistWorld is No3 only because the others are so damn good and I'm talking No3 on the entire web - there is nothing else like svarog's work!!! I too want to see more of the ElvenGirl. There is something cool about little dudes with monster schlongs getting everything they want from gorgeous babes.


newcrew: the guest think like i do, lol. (0)30/01/2007 12:42:58 AM
i agree with ya, "guest". Sheena is my favorite #1 too. however after seeing the newest update, with the Elven girl from mistworld looking slutier, i want to see her in more action too lol.


Guest: Guardian is still the best (0)30/01/2007 7:36:50 AM
Check out the desktop section of guardian.


Guest: mist world (0)17/05/2007 2:42:56 AM
the best of the best

pore pussy!!!!


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